Gramophones, records, Vintage cars, old bullet type sewing machines and many antique objects were collected as a hobby in the past 3 decades. Since this collection has many very rare gramophone records of the 1900 to 1940 period and a good collection of gramophones unseen by the present generation, it was thought to be appropriate to preserve them and make provision for future generations to see and study. New building was constructed using own funds and Museum was opened on 25th January 2015 in a public meeting attended by many dignitaries of the State. Feel free to visit the Museum. Serious enthusiasts can utilize the Homestay facility available here.

A place for research on early 20th century music and other art forms.Explore the history of sound recording and reproduction; see the early period gramophones, dictaphone, phonographs; wire recorders,musical instruments,..

The first Gramophone Museum and Records Archive in Indian Sub-Continent. Explore the history of Sound recording. Dictaphone, Wire Recorder,Tapes and Recorders,Radiograms and Changers, Gramophone records from 1898 onwards. Phonographs from 1896 onwards.


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